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OM - Yoga Magazine Article

March-April 2010

Courtesy: OM-Yoga Magazine

The Hindu (Online Edition) 4th July 2009

India's National Newspaper


Courtesy: The Hindu (India)

Lingkaran (Japan) May 2008

Courtesy: Lingkaran (Japan)

Gibralter Chronicle (Spain)

Courtesy: Gibralter Chronicle

The Express (UK)

Courtesy: The Express

In Balance (UK)

Courtesy: In Balance Magazine


Courtesy: (Various)

Les Nouvelles (USA)

Courtesy: Les Nouvelles

South China Morning Post

Courtesy: South China Morning Post

The Entertainer (Spain)

Courtesy: The Entertainer


Courtesy: Nova (Australia)

Massage Magazine

Courtesy: Massage Magazine

Healthy Magazine

Courtesy: Healthy Magazine

Times of India

Courtesy: Times of India

Worldwide Health

Courtesy: www.worldwidehealth.com

Sunday Times of India

Courtesy: Sunday Times of India, New Delhi

Kosmetik International (Germany)

Courtesy: Kosmetik International

Beauty Forum (Germany)

Courtesy: Beauty Forum

Changing Times

Courtesy: Changing Times

Massage Zaken

Courtesy: Massage Zaken Magazine

Expressen GT Kvalls Posten (Sweden)

Courtesy: Expressen GT Kvalls Posten

Karna Magazine (Japan) Sept. 2007

Courtesy: Karna Magazine


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'Indian head massage is guaranteed to lift you out
of the hustle and bustle of everyday stress'
- Harpers (Dec. 1989)