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the book


Head Massage Book

- Discover the Power of Touch -

Published by Thorsons
- a division of HarperCollins-
ISBN 0 7225 3791 3

This is the first book available on the ancient therapy of Indian Head Massage (Champissage™) which enables you to learn and practice the methods and techniques developed by Narendra Mehta. This clearly illustrated book gives step by step instruction for different massage techniques for the upper back, shoulders, upper arm, neck, head and face. You will be able to practice on your friends and family, partners and loved ones, and yourself.

Learn how a simple circular temple rub can release your tension headaches, how to 'iron down' into a state of total relaxation, and how to send a tingle down your lover's spine with a sensual ear massage. This book looks at the history of Champissage™ and introduces you to the power and importance of touch. It teaches you how to manage stress, how to look after your hair and how to improve your relationship with your partner through the practice of Champissage™.




Excerpts from the Book

Getting Connected
This is a simple way to ground yourself and get connected with your partner. Very lightly, lay your hands on your partner's head. Both of you should take three slow, deep breaths in and out through the nose.

Rubbing Ears
This is a very sensual technique which your partner will enjoy. Position yourself either directly behind or directly in front of your partner, Place your flattened palms on your partner's ears, covering them entirely. Rub your palms up and down and then in a circular movement, using light pressure.


Using your dominant hand with fingers outstretched for maximum contact, ruffle your partner's hair. Keep your wrist really loose and remember to ruffle the sides and back of your partner's hair. The lighter the touch, the better. This feather-light, playful touching of the scalp is very pleasurable.


Other Languages

In addition to being a world best-seller in English,
the title 'Indian Head Massage' by Narendra Mehta is now published in Czech, Slovakian, Dutch, Hebrew, Polish and Japanese languages.


For further information about other
language versions, please contact us